Real Heroes in King Kong

My favorite lines from the new King Kong movie are spoken by the preening B-movie action actor Baxtor.

The fictional screenwriter says:  "I just never figured you for a coward."

To which Baxtor replies:  "Hey pal; hey, wake up!  Heroes don’t look like me; not in the real world. 

In the real world they got bad teeth; a bald spot; and a beer gut."

"I’m just an actor with a gun; who’s lost his motivation."

(Entry revised/corrected on July 5, 2006)

2 thoughts on “Real Heroes in King Kong”

  1. I like that quote too.. thanks for posting it. I was looking for the exact thing so I could post it myself 😛

  2. I should make clear my convention in quotes. When I’m pretty sure I have the exact quote, I use the usual double quotation marks. When I’m trying to get close to the exact quote, but am less sure I’ve got it, I try to use single quotation marks. In this case, I wrote it down after I exited the theater, but am not sure I got it exactly right. (I’ll try to remember to check when it comes out on DVD.) Art Diamond

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