Searching for Schumpeter in Amazon


Econ Journal Watch, a fresh innovative online journal, just published a paper of mine where I document the large number of books included in’s "Search Within the Book" feature, that mention Schumpeter.  The nature of the mentions vary, but many relate to Schumpeter’s process of creative destruction.  The focus on creative destruction is especially pronounced in business books. 

The fact that many business practitioners find "creative destruction" to be a fruitful concept in understanding capitalism, speaks well of the concept, and speaks well of Schumpeter.


The citation for my paper is:

Diamond, Arthur M., Jr. "Thriving at Amazon: How Schumpeter Lives in Books Today." Econ Journal Watch 4, no. 3 (September 2007): 338-44.


My paper has been highlighted at:

(Thanks to Kevin Rollins for alerting me to this blog entry.)


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