Turned 5 on July 15th

DiamondBlogArticle2010-07-24.jpgThe article image above is a screen capture from the online PDF of the article cited below.

I usually celebrate the birthday of this blog with a few comments, and sometimes statistics, about blogging, and this blog in particular.
I had thought once or twice about the impending birthday, but as the day approached had forgotten about. On July 15th my former student, loyal reader, and friend, Aaron Brown sent me an email reminding me of the date (thanks Aaron!).
For the month of June 2010,’s ranking of economics blogs ranks my blog 43rd in terms of “average daily pageviews” and 39th in terms of “average daily visits.”
In the spring the blog was receiving roughly 2500 – 3000 visits a day. In June and July, as of this writing on 7/24/10, it has been receiving 1500 – 2000 visits per day. (This is consistent with my guess that students are a large part of my viewers.)
The blog occasionally receives recognition. I was invited by the Kauffman Foundation to participate in their quarterly survey of influential economics blogs, and have participated in three of their surveys so far.
A small article appeared on the blog in the Summer 2010 UNO Magazine. A reference to the article is:
Townley, Wendy. “UNO Economics Blogger Gains National Recognition.” UNO Magazine (Summer 2010): 15.


Tim Fitzgerald took this photo which can be found online at:

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