Entrepreneurs Will Mine Asteroids to “Help Ensure Humanity’s Prosperity”

CameronJames2012-04-30.jpg “Space mining has captivated Hollywood. Director James Cameron is a backer of the new venture.” Source of caption and photo: online version of the WSJ article quoted and cited below.

(p. B1) A new company backed by two Google Inc. billionaires, film director James Cameron and other space exploration proponents is aiming high in the hunt for natural resources–with mining asteroids the possible target.

The venture, called Planetary Resources Inc., revealed little in a press release this week except to say that it would “overlay two critical sectors–space exploration and natural resources–to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP” and “help ensure humanity’s prosperity.” The company is formally unveiling its plans at an event . . . in Seattle.
. . .
[The] . . . event is being hosted by Peter H. Diamandis and Eric Anderson, known for their efforts to develop commercial space exploration, and two former NASA officials.
Mr. Diamandis, a driving force behind the Ansari X-Prize competition to spur non-governmental space flight, has long discussed his goal to become an asteroid miner. He contends that such work by space pioneers would lead to a “land rush” by companies to develop lower-cost technology to travel to and extract resources from asteroids.

For the full story, see:
AMIR EFRATI. “A Quixotic Quest to Mine Asteroids.” The Wall Street Journal (Sat., April 21, 2012,): B1 & B4.
(Note: ellipses and bracketed word added.)
(Note: the online “updated” version of the article is dated April 23, 2012.)

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