Growing Number of Free-Agent Entrepreneurs in Technology Sector

(p. B5) Facing economic headwinds, companies are filling gaps in information-technology teams with freelance software developers, coders and other high-skilled tech workers, while pulling back on efforts to recruit full-time staff, recruiters and industry analysts say.

The number of job postings for software developers on, an online freelance marketplace, rose 54.7% in the third quarter on a year-over-year basis, the sharpest gain among more than 2,000 job-related skills tracked on the platform, reported this week.

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On top of being drawn to unique tech challenges, a growing number of IT freelancers prefer the more flexible hours and remote-work opportunities they became accustomed to during pandemic lockdowns, said Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA.

“The pandemic and, more recently, the turbulence in the economy, spurred demand for greater labor flexibility both among employers and workers,” Mr. Herbert said. More IT workers are now choosing freelance jobs “as a preferred working model, rather than as a last resort,” he said.

For the full story, see:

Angus Loten. “Souring Economy Gives a Boost to Tech Freelancers.” The Wall Street Journal (Friday, October 14, 2022): B5.

(Note: ellipsis added.)

(Note: the online version of the story has the date October 12, 2022, and has the title “Souring Economy Gives Tech Freelancers a Lift.”)

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