Beaver Returns to Bronx: More Evidence of Environmental Improvement

          A beaver whose discoverers call "José" is the first beaver to make a home in the Bronx in 200 years.  Source of photo:  online version of the NYT article quoted and cited below. 


(p. A12) A crudely fashioned lodge perched along the snow-covered banks of the Bronx River — no more than a mound of twigs and mud strewn together in the shadow of the Bronx Zoo — sits steps away from an empty parking lot and a busy intersection.

Scientists say that the discovery of this cone-shaped dwelling signifies something remarkable: For the first time in two centuries, the North American beaver, forced out of town by agricultural development and overeager fur traders, has returned to New York City.

The discovery of a beaver setting up camp in the Bronx is a testament to both the animal’s versatility and to an increasingly healthy Bronx River.


For the full story, see:

O’CONNOR, ANAHAD. "After 200 Years, a Beaver Is Back in New York City."   The New York Times  (Fri., February 23, 2007):  A21.


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