In the Ping Pong Game of Life, Does the One with the Biggest Paddle Usually Win?

BuffettWarrenPingPongPaddle2010-05-18.jpg“Warren Buffett has a bit of an advantage in a game of table tennis Sunday with Ariel Hsing, the top U.S. table tennis under-20 player.” Source of caption and photo: online version of the Omaha World-Herald article quoted and cited below.

(p. 1D) Buffett and Munger had the 100 or so journalists and others at the press conference laughing at times.
. . .
(p. 3D) The press conference followed a festive day for Buffett, including a brunch attended by Berkshire managers, a few table tennis shots with U.S. under-20 champion Ariel Hsing of Milpitas, Calif., and a few hands of bridge with his regular partner, Susan Ogborn, and Berkshire executive Ajit Jain.
About 800 people watched the table tennis, many of them sitting in bleachers erected in the Regency Court shopping center courtyard.
After losing some quick points to Hsing, Buffett pulled out a paddle that extended nearly the width of the table, but he had no better luck.

For the full story, see:
Steve Jordon. “Buffett Puts Paddle to Federal Regulators.” Omaha World-Herald (Mon., May 3, 2010): 1D & 3D.
(Note: the online version of the article was dated May 2, 2010 and had the title “Fun and games with Berkshire.”)
(Note: ellipsis added.)

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