Lux et Veritas

japan_korea_lights2010-08-05.jpgSource of photo:

What is the extended island-country on the right side of the photo above?
OK, if you got that one, here’s a harder question: What is the smaller island-country to the left of the extended island-country?
Stumped? Well it’s a trick question. The island-country to the left is South Korea.
But, you say, South Korea is no island.
You are right. (But then ponder why it looks like an island.)

I first saw a version of the above photo, and heard a version of the above interpretation, in a wonderful presentation by Tony Woodlief at the MBM University at Wichita in July 2010.
The photo is a satellite composite from NASA.
“Lux et Veritas” is the motto of Yale University and is Latin for “Light and Truth.” (Three years of high school Latin pay off again—thank you Miss Noble and Miss Rohrer!)

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