Feds Drop Charge Against 4th Amendment Flasher


Source of photo: http://tsanewsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/AaronTobeyHero1.jpg (The WSJ article, cited below, had a similar photo in the print version of the article, but did not include it with the online version.)

(p. B6) Richmond International Airport officials have reached a settlement with Aaron Tobey, the so-called Fourth Amendment flasher.

Mr. Tobey in 2010 was arrested for alleged disorderly conduct at a checkpoint of the Virginia airport for stripping down to his running shorts. On his bare chest, Mr. Tobey had scrawled text of the Fourth Amendment on his chest in protest of the use of full-body scanners, which produced near-naked images of passengers.
The charge against him was dropped.
. . .
Government attorneys agreed not to appeal the Fourth Circuit ruling or further prosecute Mr. Tobey for interfering with TSA procedures, according to the Rutherford Institute, which represented him.
“Frankly, the nation would be better served if all government officials were required to undertake a training course on what it means to respect the constitutional rights of the citizenry,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, a conservative legal defense group.

For the full story, see:
Gershman, Jacob. “Airport Settles Lawsuit Over Full-Body Scanners.” The Wall Street Journal (Mon., July 15, 2013,): B6.
(Note: ellipsis added.)
(Note: the online version of the article has the date July 14, 2013.)

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