Large Carbon Footprint of Air Travel to Climate Activist Meetings

(p. 7A) If climate change is really such a crisis, and if sacrifice on our part is needed to stop it, why aren’t we seeing more sacrifice from people who think it’s a problem?
As one person asked on Twitter, “What if climate scientists decided, as a group, to make their conferences all virtual? No more air travel. What a statement!” And what if academics in general–most of whom think climate change is a big deal–started doing the same thing to make an even bigger statement?
What if politicians and celebrities stopped jetting around the world–often on wasteful private jets instead of flying commercial with the hoi polloi–as a statement of the importance of fighting climate change?
And what if they lived in average-sized houses, to reduce their carbon footprints? What if John Kerry, who was much put out by President Trump’s withdrawal from the non-binding Paris agreement, gave up his yacht-and-mansions lifestyle ?
What if, indeed? One reason so many people don’t take climate change seriously is that the people who constantly tell us it’s a crisis never actually act like it’s a crisis.

For the full commentary, see:
Reynolds, Glenn Harlan. “To Fight Climate Change, Start with Celebs, Pols.” USA Today (Mon., June 12, 2017): 7A.

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