Sanctimonious Celebrities at “Live Earth” Concert “Eco-Extravaganza”


   Global-warming concert participants Garner, Madonna, Ludacris, and Gore.  Source of photos:  online version of the NYT article cited below.


(p. B1)  . . . , celebrity efforts to curb the greenhouse effect backlash into the glass-house effect: People who own Escalades, private jets and McMansions shouldn’t recycle bromides at people who fail to carpool to work. Carbon-offsetting, the newly fashionable practice of compensating for one’s own carbon emissions by paying into a fund to reduce them elsewhere, may be better than nothing, but to some it sounds too much (p. B5) like rich men paying others to take their place in the draft during the Civil War.

That credibility gap seemed to fuel much of the skepticism and sniping along the sidelines (British newspapers which gleefully counted Madonna’s many houses and cars, discouraged readers from following in her outsize carbon footprint) and drove Bob Geldof, founder of Live 8, to question this concert’s usefulness.


ALESSANDRA STANLEY. "The TV Watch Sounding the Global-Warming Alarm Without Upsetting the Fans."  The New York Times   (Mon., July 9, 2007):  B1 & B5. 

(Note:  ellipsis added.) 


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