Environmental Hypocrites

(p. C14) KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — European consumer groups and nongovernmental organizations have said they want environmentally friendly palm oil. Malaysian producers of palm oil that have made the switch are discovering that it is still a hard sell.

The price premium for palm oil certified as produced through sustainable plantation practices has been shrinking since the first eco-friendly palm oil was shipped to European markets last November, and producers say it may need to disappear if they are to regain business in the key European Union market.
Producers say the difficulty in selling higher-priced sustainable palm oils highlights the double standards of those who criticize the industry but buy the cheaper, uncertified oil that they say is harming the environment.

For the full story, see:
SHIE-LYNN LIM. “Backers Don’t Buy ‘Friendly’ Palm Oil.” Wall Street Journal (Weds., JULY 15, 2009): C14.

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