Warm Yourself Over a “Dung Fire, and You Will Know What Pollution Really Is”

(p. D4) To the Editor:
The idea that ancient man had fewer tumors because he lived in a less polluted atmosphere (“Unearthing Prehistoric Tumors, and Debate,” Dec. 28) can be held only by those who have limited experience living in a preindustrial way. Try cooking over an open fire burning half-rotten wood, or sitting in a cave warming yourself with a peat or dung fire, and you will know what pollution really is.
Carol Selinske
Rye Brook, N.Y.

Source of NYT letter to the Editor:
Carol Selinske. “LETTERS; Cancer, Then and Now.” The New York Times (Tues., January 4, 2011): D4.
(Note: the online version of the letter is dated: January 3, 2011.)

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