Jobs, Hope and Cash

(p. A15) ‘Ten years ago, Steve Jobs was alive, Bob Hope was alive, Johnny Cash was alive. Now we’re outta jobs, outta hope and outta cash.” I heard that from a TSA agent in New York the other day, as he eyed me for explosives. We laughed, but there was a poignant edge.
Part of the outpouring over Steve Jobs last week was that he was a huge symbol of what seems a lost world of American dynamism. The inventor in his garage changes the world. We’ll not only make the new machine powerful and fast, we’ll make it so beautiful it will make you cry. Like you’re looking at the future, like you’re looking at a baby in its crib.

For the full commentary, see:
PEGGY NOONAN. “DECLARATIONS; This Is No Time for Moderation; America can’t trim and tweak its way back to economic dynamism.” The Wall Street Journal (Sat., OCTOBER 15, 2011): A15.

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